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You are both silent for a while.\n\n[[Consider the situation]]
The years, the centuries, the eons stretch out before you. Eternity.\n\nYour mind races, a flurry of thoughts and you begin to lose your grip on reality.\n\nThe possibility space is at your fingertips, all the choices, past, present, and future - all is present, a mass swarm of colors and senses.\n\nYour fate is in your hands. Beware that it my be corrupted.\n\n<html><a class="internalLink" target="_blank" href="fate.html">Anything is possible.</a></html>
"Perhaps this is just part of an ancient dwarven kingdom. We seem to have found the ruling chamber.\n\nDwarves were known for their love of riddles and magic devices. Dwarven Lords had many powerful artifacts at their disposal. Perhaps we can find something of use here."\n\n[[back|throne room]]
"It appears to have once been used as a meeting area. It's remarkable that the wood on this table and chairs has not eroded."\n\n[[back|open passageway]]
The sage knows the languages of old - the symbols and mystical ways of a culture which has long since ceased to walk the mortal plane.\n\nShe knows of the old ways, the deep magics. But her knowledge cannot heal wounds of this nature.\n\n[[back|perfect crew]]
Your companion is limping a bit as she inches forward.\n\nIn the dim light, it's clear the blood has started to soak through her pants leg. Her face does not betray the gravity of her wound.\n\n[[So much for easy money.]]
"I'll survive."\n\n[[Consider the situation]]
You see the outcome before your eyes.\n\nPull the lever, and the chandelier will crash down from above, killling anyone in the room.\n\n[[Continue|large lever]]\n
''Dusty Room''\nA thick layer of dust coats everything. A [[large, round table with eight chairs]] dominates the center of the room.\n\n[[Ask Anivia]]\n\nThere is a [[door to the south|chandelier room]].\nThere is an [[open passageway to the east from which you came|make a decision]].
It takes some effort, but the stone chameleon pushes into the throne with a great shove.\n\n//click//\n\nThe wall behind the throne shudders and slides to the left, revealing a small passage.<<set $wallOpen=1>>\n\n[[back|throne]]
At least for now, you appear to be safe. Whatever was following you has not attempted to open the door you came through.\n\n[['How are you feeling?']]\n[['...'|say nothing]]
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Perhaps you will get [[your desire]].
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Anivia has a staff in hand which glows faintly with some ancient magicks.\n\nHer leg is [[severely wounded]], but she isn't letting the pain show through.\n\nYou have waited long enough - it's time to [[make a decision]].
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''Throne Room''\nA large, cavernous room with stairs leading up to a large stone [[throne]] at the center.\n\nThere is a slight hum coming from the direction of the throne.\n\n[[Ask anivia|anivia throne room]]\n\nThere is a [[door to the west from which you came|chandelier room]].\n\n<<if $wallOpen>>\nThere is an [[open passage behind the throne|orb room]].\n<<endif>>
You pull the lever and immediately there is a whirring and clicking from above.\n\n//snap.//\n\nThe chandelier plummets from the ceiling, hitting the ground with an enormous crash.\n\nYou are dead.<<set $leverPulled=1>>\n\n[[Premonition|large lever]]
The sage is a young lady with red hair who was hired for the job for her familiarity with the old language.\n\nShe was the one that got your group through the front door with its secret riddle.\n\nHer name is [[Anivia]].
The table and chairs are covered in layer upon layer of dirt. They appear to be made of a special type of wood.\n\n[[back|open passageway]]
It is a massive stone throne, large enough for both of you to sit on side by side with room to spare.\n\nIt is in remarkable condition, hardly touched by the ages. Ornate figures of what appear to be chameleons are carved into the massive arms.\n\n<<if $wallOpen>>\n[[Enter the hidden passage|orb room]]\n<<else>>\nThe hum is much louder here, appearing to come from the [[wall behind the throne]].\n\n[[Search the throne]]\n<<endif>>\n\n[[back|throne room]]
''Chandelier Room''\nAn enormous chandelier hangs from the center of the room. It is big enough for two people to stand on, but out of reach.\n\nIn one corner is a [[large lever]].\n\n[[Ask Anivia|anivia chandelier room]]\n\nThere is a [[door to the east|throne room]].\nThere is a [[door to the north from which you came|open passageway]]\n
It's a bad injury and neither of you have been able to stop the bleeding. The razor missed her leg just enough to save it, but you are severely lacking medical equipment.\n\nYou should have seen the trap that got her leg, it's an old one and a common one in these parts. \n\nIt's your fault that she's injured.\n\n[[back|Anivia]]
''Hidden Room''\n\nThe room glows faintly and there is an audible hum in the air. The hum gives the room a living quality, as if alive from the buzzing.\n\nIn the center of the room is a grand pedestal of solid gold. Atop it is a bright, glowing orb.\n\n[[Approach the orb|orb]]\n[[Leave|throne room]]
Anivia brushes the runes with the tips of her fingers and appears to be lost in thought for a moment.\n\n"It's a sealed door, much like the one we entered through. But it is missing its riddle.\n\nIf we want to return the way we came, we will have to find the riddle"\n\n[[back|large door]]
It's a large traditional lever. It doesn't appear to be connected to anything.\n\n<<if $leverPulled>>\nYour ''trap sense'' stirs - you see the outcome before your eyes:\n\n//Pull the lever, and the chandelier will crash down from above, killling anyone in the room.//\n<<endif>>\n\n[[Pull the lever]]\n[[Nevermind|chandelier room]]
"Amazing. This appears to be a wailing orb.\n\nI've only heard about them in legends. No one knows how they were created, but the tales say that it will grant a holder power over their fate.\n\nIt is called the //wailing// orb because of the hum it makes, but that is not the only reason.\n\nThe tales say to be careful what you wish for - but it may be our only way out of here."\n\n[[back|orb]]
With all the ancient ruins that the civilizations of old have left, there's a need for cunning men and women of a specific skill set.\n\nWhen exploring the habits of those that came before, there are many dangers which require an experienced guide.\n\nDungeoneers know the traps and the locks. They know the dangers and they know how to keep safe.\n\n[[back|perfect crew]]
Things are bad but you aren't dead yet.\n\nYou have a dagger and a few coins in your pocket. In your pack are several feet of rope, two candles, and some meager provisions.\n\n[[Consider your companion]]
It was a mistake to come here. It started as a trip for profit - some gold to investigate a strange door that had been uncovered in a small mining community in the far east.\n\nIt was the [[perfect crew]] for the job.\n\nBut that doesn't matter now.\n\n[[Catch your breath]]
The glow that fills the room is eminating from this orb's center. The outside is made of glass, and the white light swirls inside it.\n\nIt is mesmerizing to look at.\n\n[[Ask Anivia|anivia orb]]\n[[Touch the orb]]\n[[Nevermind|orb room]]
''Long Hallway''\nThe long hallway where you took a few moments to collect your thoughts.\n\nThere are several cobwebs and the way forward is blocked by rubble.\n\nTo the south is a [[large door]].\nTo the west is an [[open passageway]].
You reach out and grab the orb with both hands.\n\nImmediately, a bright flash fills the room.\n\nYour eyes can see nothing but the white light, your ears are filled with the hum of the orb.\n\nA voice softly whispers in your mind\n\n//What do you desire?//\n\n[[To make things right|After orb]]\n[[To escape|After orb]]\n[[To see the future|After orb]]\n[[To be loved|After orb]]\n[[To be powerful|After orb]]\n[[To be famous|After orb]]\n
The door slammed shut when you first entered the hallway. It seems to have slowed the pursuit of whatever is following you.\n\nThere are some ancients runes on the center of the door.\n\n[[Ask Anivia about the Runes]]\n[[back|make a decision]]
After a few minutes of pushing and pulling, the chameleon on the left arm of the throne appears to be lose.\n\nPerhaps you can push it in.\n\n[[Push the chameleon]]\n[[Nevermind|throne]]
The soldier had been faithful to his duty to the end. He gave his life that we yet live.\n\nTime will tell if it was for naught.\n\n[[back|perfect crew]]
It is a large stone wall that doesn't appear remarkable.\n\nThe hum is noticeably coming from beyond.\n\nThere doesn't appear to be any notches, switches, or holes in the wall to push or pull. There must be another way to get beyond it.\n\n[[back|throne]]
"That is an incredible chandelier. We may be in the ruins of royalty."\n\n[[back|chandelier room]]
A [[sage]] for wisdom, a [[soldier]] for protection...\n\nAnd a [[dungeoneer]] for a guide - that's you.\n\n[[back|So much for easy money.]]